"I consider myself an aesthetic photographer, preferring to focus my lens on the intrinsic beauty of the living world around us, as opposed to exposing its raw and often painful imperfection."

MRSK is the work label for Dutch-born photographer Mariska van den Brink. The label is divided in MRSK Visuals 4 Awareness & MRSK Visuals 2 Seduce. Under the flag of Visuals 4 Awareness, Mariska photographs and films human-nature related subjects that vary from urban communities to rural scenes and wildlife.

“With my images, my greatest achievement is to reveal the underlying grace and magnificence of people and situations in unexpected or seemingly ordinary places and to provide a bridge across the divide between ignorance or misunderstanding towards one of connection and engagement with everything”.

Being aware...

22/06/11 Decline in African wildlife

Studies carried out by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and the University of Cambridge at 78 protected areas across Africa have shown a sharp decline in wildlife. The steepest falls were in west Africa, ...

Lions play fighting